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Based in Los Angeles, Bionic Ventures LLC creates and builds companies to support economies, employees, and customers.

Introducing our first product!

Bionic Fitness, a portfolio company, introduces the inflatable AbStar AIR Core Fitness Trainer. The AbStar AIR has a unique, rounded-star design which offers multiple hold positions for versatile exercise options. It’s great for core training, total body workouts, physical therapy, stretching and strength, and circuit training.

Bionic Ventures' first product, the low-rise, inflatable AbStar AIR is safer and more effective than an exercise ball for core workouts.

Only ten inches high and twenty inches in diameter, it weighs 3.5 lbs; one size fits all. With its low-rise, anti-slip base and supportive material, the patented AbStar AIR Core Fitness Trainer is safer, more versatile and more effective than an exercise, Swiss or stability ball.

Bionic Ventures introduces AbStar Fitness Products new fitness model, Nichole Mellison

We are proud and happy to introduce AbStar Fitness Products’ new fitness model, Nichole Mellison. Nichole graces the AbStar.com website with her skill and talent as she demonstrates great core exercises with the patented AbStar AIR Core Fitness Trainer.

To us, our “Bionic” namesake means “enhanced.” Every day we strive to enhance lives through the enriching products and services we offer our customers and by supporting economies and employees worldwide.


We endeavor to be generous and earth-friendly.

Currently, we fund internally-generated products and startup companies. In time, we hope to support more entrepreneurs in their quests to “grow companies for good.”

Quick video showing how you can benefit from our portfolio product, the AbStar AIR Core Fitness Trainer. The AbStar AIR makes it "easier" and safer to get in shape at home. ... See MoreSee Less

One minute video of many of the core exercises you can perform with the AbStar AIR Core Fitness Trainer.

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